Learn to sing
Love to listen

Stefania Milazzo, singer, songwriter and vocal coach

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Learn to sing
Love to listen

Stefania Milazzo, singer, songwriter and vocal coach

If any of the following statements ring true for you, my vocal training can help:

  • You cannot reach high notes comfortably
  • You want to learn how to belt
  • You run out of breath quickly
  • Your singing voice lacks power, projection or stamina
  • You feel your voice is hoarse or tires quickly
  • Your voice often breaks while you sing

About me

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional singer, songwriter and vocal coach, I offer online one-to-one singing lessons and vocal training to suit all levels of experience and ages. I also offer in-person lessons in Palermo, Italy, where I’m currently based.


Having performed across Europe, I’m available to sing at events and occasions of any size, and cover a multitude of genres.

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Hear what my students have to say

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David Sweeney

"I'm really enjoying singing and finding that I'm much more relaxed in my daily life as well, because of the breath control and the singing skills that I've learned."

David Sweeney, Ireland

Ginine Power

"I highly recommend Stefania; she is been incredible and taught me so much and give me so much confidence with my singing voice. I really really can't believe it, it's just incredible!"

Ginine Power, Ireland

Rami Batal

"I definitely recommend Stefania for anyone interested in taking singing classes even if it is beginner, intermediate and advanced, in Ireland or elsewhere."

Rami Batal, Syria

Veronica Smith

"I recommend Stefania to any beginners; she is really great and if you are thinking of taking singing lessons, I'd say just go for it, you really won't regret it."

Veronica Smith, Ireland

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Let me entertain your audience

With a broad repertoire and versatile voice, I have been singing professionally since 2011 and perform at events and occasions, big and small, from intimate settings to larger audiences.


I have performed with some of the world’s finest musicians all over Europe, covering multiple genres, from jazz to soul, pop to blues. Whatever the event, I can adapt my style to suit your occasion.

Stefania Milazzo Playing Keyboard and Smiling