New Year vocal resolutions !!

Have you ever thought about your voice resolutions in 2023?

Have you taken any singing lessons yet?

The start of January is always an excellent opportunity to create a new mindset, new energy and new goals. It’s like, “Okay, I can do better than last year” or “I can just carry on what I started last year”. During this time, many of us have feelings such as: fresh start, desire to evolve, concentration in our potentials. We can always improve, learn and challenge our vocal skills, vocal confidence and take our voices to a new level.

Learning to sing and taking singing lessons was always in your dreams but didn’t take the first step? Or you want to get better by singing but you always postpone it? Maybe this is the year you can try to explore your voice expression, follow this little dream!

For other people, even professionals, it’s the case to set up a new goals like: writing own music, learn a specific style/technique or participate to a competition or talent show. 

Anything that’s your level, expectations and goals, I think it’s important to track it and set goals, plan the routine and, most importantly, take action and have fun!

I can give you a few suggestions and small tips for your next vocal steps you can take:

  1. Start to get singing lessons

You are thinking about taking singing lessons for a long time, maybe years, but you feel not good enough, a bit over with the age or just don’t know which teacher is good for you. 

My best suggestion is to try and take that little step, to take some action. 

No more time to think, but give yourself a chance. 

You don’t need to be good (everyone take singing lessons even Mariah Carey!). There is no age limit for the voice, vocal cords they don’t get old very easy. Choose the teacher! There are so many of them, it is true, but you have more options. Perhaps reading about the person, usually most singing teachers have a website or social media pages. Find out what they do and how. Trust your feelings and choose the one that appears closest to you. You can also consider an online training, if it’s more convenient for you. The benefit is that you can learn from the best, even if it’s not near you. Go with the flow and you’ll say: “why I didn’t start before?

2.   Practice

The most important part. You like to sing, you take singing lessons and you enjoy it so much but you never find time to exercise. I know we’re always busy, but believe me, that’s essential. Without practice the results and goals will take more time. Be realistic and truthful with yourself, think about how many days a week you can do, what is the best time for you and how long you can do it. Everyone has different needs, times, energy, it is not about right or wrong, it is about to customize an effective practice plan for you. Establishing a routine will make a big difference to your vocal abilities, even within a few weeks. It’s really important to know what to practice and how. A voice teacher/coach can guide you through the process. Last but not least, make it a moment of pleasure and joy.

3.   Sing a new style

Are you tired to sing the same genre for years? You want to go to another singing level and get over your comfort zone? Great idea!! 

Exploring a new music style with our voice is a good chance to improve and learn new vocal techniques like: belting, falsetto, mix voice and head voice; have more motivations and feel new emotions, satisfactions and fun. 

Start to listen to some artists of this specific music style, listen to the best, go watch some live concerts and start singing. Ask your singing teacher where to begin. Things will come out and with the help of your vocal coach everything will be easier, joyful and enjoyable.

4.   Participation to some singing competitions

You been thinking about this for years? Finally, you feel up to it and want to try. Amazing decision! This is another way of challenging yourself and enhancing your voice skills. It’s an awesome experience, you can meet so many other singers and share the same passion for singing. It is also another way, beyond the end result, to prove to you that you are better than you think, that you feel the adrenaline to get on a big stage. You will increase your voice confidence and your presence on stage, which is very important for a singer. This will be very fulfilling.

5.   Be part of a band

Sharing the passion and love for singing and music with others is so cool. 

Starting a music project with others is a lovely experience that I really recommend during your vocal journey.

Check this out on internet and see if any of the bands are looking for a singer. Get a clear picture of what style you want to play with them. You also have the option of creating your own group. Leave a post in some local musicians Facebook pages, or check it out some Instagram accounts, or go to some bars and venue where they play live music and talk with some musicians, they are always open and happy to help. 

There are so many other new year’s vocal resolutions that maybe you have in mind, my big advice is: do it! Realize what you really need to do to make it happen and ask to professional to have a better idea. 

It’s going to be a great year for everyone, we just have to trust, focus, be positive and make a difference.

Have fun!

Vocal Power Training by

Stefania Milazzo

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